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Let the scent of jasmine reinvigorate your day, its sweet and uplifting notes serving as your morning wake-up call. Whether you're starting your day with a cup of coffee or easing into your morning routine, our "Jasmine Morning Harmony" Jar Candle will brighten your surroundings and infuse a sense of tranquility and positivity into your life. 

Woodsy Jasmine Jar Candle

SKU: W007913291
  • Overall: 5.6'' H X 3.5'' W X 3.5'' D

    Overall Product Weight: 2.42 lb.

    Candle Type: Jar

    Flame Type: Flame

    Color: Brown

    Candle Material: Soy

    Number of Candles Included: 1

    Scent Name: Woodsy Jasmine

    Type of Scent: Floral/Plant

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